Exercise. Welcome to America.

Author: admin 30 January 2011



A puny bus driver pulled up at a stop, and a huge of a man got in, “Big Sam does not pay”, he thundered, the bus driven did not want to argue with a man of that size, so he kept quiet.
Next day, the same thing happened, the giant got in “Big Sam does not pay” he thundered.
This went on for about week. The bus driver by now was starting to resent this, and he did not want to take it lying down, so he joined a Gym, and started an intensive course in body building, after month, and with big bulging muscles, he pulled up at the stop, the giant got in “Big Sam does not pay” said, the driver rose up and showing his muscles said” Oh yeah “and why does Big Sam does not pay” he shouted.
The giant reached inside his pocket, the driver feared for the worsethe giant said “because Big Sam has bus pass” showing his bus pass to the driver.

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  1. алл снимката е много добра, чисто по-американски

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