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Author: admin 27 September 2010


The Old Man

A guy is driving down the road when he sees an old, old man sitting on a stump, bawling his eyes out.
So the guy stops the car and asks the man what’s happen.
“I’ve had a great life,” says the old man. “I’m a successful construction contractor, and I just sold my company to a large corporate builder for gazillions.”
The guy says, “So what’s the problem?”
The old man snurfles into his sleeve and says, “I built myself a huge mansion with a large swimming pool!”
The guy looks puzzled and says, “OK, so what’s the problem?”
The old man wails and says, “I own a fleet of beautiful cars, and my own private jet!”
The guy scratches his head and says, “I’m with you so far, but I still don’t see what the problem is.”
The old man blows his nose loudly and says, “Yesterday I got married to a 20 year old Playboy bunny!”
The guy loses his temper. “Dammit, old man – what the f*ck is your problem?”
The old man sobs piteously. “I can’t remember where I live!”

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